Etiquette each one should know in 2017.

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Hello loves,

We all have lived through many different emotions every now and then, but those special moments filled with anxiety , pressure and excitement at the same time, before going to your first job interview, attending a school reunion, going on a date with your crush, meeting your love’s parents for the first time , your first day at school, college or at work and many such inexpressible moments. Then we girls start freaking out like, ” Omg!! he asked me out.. what do i wear?? how do i speak?? Will his parents like me?? What should I answer my boss?? Will I be able to make new friends??”… and on .. and on.. and on… And then you look at yourself in the mirror, take a deep breathe and say ” Chill, you are going to be fine.” and walk out . Happened to everyone, right??

So here are a few tips that will prep you well in advance before such situations in life.


Every time you are at some workplace or any talk session or even an interview , you should know how to interact with them. It may be your boss, your colleagues at office or even senior or junior officers , greeting them in the right way is also very important. After all,

             “First impression is the last impression”


1. Wear that warm ” Smile”.

The first n foremost thing that you should always remember is to carry that warm Smile on your face. May be you had a bad day , may be you are disturbed, but that’s life darling. Trust me when you smile at the other person, he/she will automatically feel that vibe and receive good vibes in return and that might add happiness to their almost going to be a ‘bad day’. This works in otherwise also. If any person is already having a bad day your smile and your aura may add goodness to his/her  day. Keep smiling always no matter what you feel inside. If you are good on the outside, you will end up feeling good in the inside too.

 Learn to Smile from within, let the happiness flash out like the girl above. Look the way she smiles through her eyes.Be happy inside out and not only when you take a selfie these days like in the picture below.

You decide how happy you wanna be? Like the picture above or below?



2. Watch out that handshake

The next thing you should always keep it in mind is a ” firm handshake”. Yes, every first time you are meeting a person especially when its on a  professional plane, always, always introduce yourself  with a firm handshake.Also I have seen people sometimes they just keep the handshake on until their conversation lasts. Let me tell you that looks insane and also uncomfortable for the other person. So remember that gesture is a big NO.



When I say “FIRM” , don’t keep it too tight or too loose , keep it firm. Just a nice, firm hand-shake.



Also some may be having problem about sweaty hands. Sometimes your hands  tend to sweat when you get nervous , this happens with lot of people. Make sure your hands are clean and dry before you have a handshake. You definitely do not want to embarrass someone on your first meet right??  You can always use good sanitizer or some wipes to tackle this simple problem.


3. Addressing people

  • Get rid of this one habit of calling people from behind their back. Please make that extra effort to go in front of him/her and then have a talk. In some circumstances if you can’t do so, use ” excuse me” and when they are facing towards you go ahead with your words. This thing really irritates some people, so make sure you are safe.


  • Body language is one important thing that is also a much neglected etiquette. The way you stand, the way you place your hands while your talking says a lot more about your interest in the person you are talking with. When you are talking with someone make sure your whole body and head is in line and pointing towards the person. You should never point your body away from the person you are talking with. Crossing your hands against your chest when you are having a talk with someone is considered as disrespectful for the opposite person. Now you know what mistakes you shouldn’t repeat?


  • When in an interview or any casual talk , look right into the eyes of the opposite person. Having a good eye-contact makes the other person think that you are really into the conversation and shows you are  truly interested in the talk. Not having a good eye contact indicates lower levels of confidence and interest. Also do not make it too much so that the other person becomes uncomfortable.



4. While you hangout with your buddies.

When it comes to Social etiquette, one attitude that is commonly observed in girls that, they do not volunteer to speak out first to any girl/boy. Things are changing with time and so are girls opening up and that’s quite good and appreciable. Learn to open up girls, socialize yourself. World isn’t that bad too. I am definitely not asking to go and speak to every stranger out there, all i am asking you to do is talk to your friends be it a girl or a guy on a reunion day and don’t expect them to come and speak to you. Sometimes its okay to take that first move!



Friends make life easier. Go hangout with them in a coolest place. Wear anything you feel like, do anything you feel like, because no one is judging you then. But, if they judge you on what you do, they are not your true friends.Friends don’t  judge you, they accept the way you are. No matter how ugly, stubborn or crazy you are. So, sit back there and chill on a weekend. Crack those lame jokes, fight for that last piece of pizza, dance on a random music, punch them for no reason , have that dirty talk, get as much naughty as you can, get drunk n go crazy with them, have that roadside paanipuri , let loose and laugh out loud. Live the moment with them and forget about the etiquette when you are with your buddies. Make the most out of it because FRIENDSHIP can never be replaced.

But one should always know their limits. I know that with your chuddy-buddies it sort of gets too much extra all the time no matter how much you try to control. You show keep in mind, Genius is knowing when to stop!  Yeah that’s the key.


5. When its your time with your loved ones.

When it comes to Personal Etiquette, you need to forget the ” Etiquette” coz you cannot and one should not follow any hard n fast rule to maintain relationships on a personal basis. Relationships are paths paved by love and care. So when you are going on a date with your partner, don’t worry about the etiquette and stuff like that all you need to do is ” nothing”. Do nothing and just ” be you “. Do not try to be someone who you are not. You cannot fake yourself for a lifetime, so why don’t we get REAL at the beginning itself?

Let them love you for who you are and not what you pretend you are. Relationships are special. Not only with your life partner , but your mom, dad, brother, sister, cousins, everyone. You have a different relationship with each one of them. So cherish them with some genuine love and care. Giving them a random kiss and hug does so much for them. Another important thing is giving hand-written notes. Trust me, they make them feel so special that you can’t even imagine. Because they will know and appreciate the extra effort you put in for them.


6.Know What to Wear, When.

I know, we girls always love getting dressed up and who doesn’t? We just need a reason to dress up. Lol. But yes, knowing what to wear , when and where is a challenge in itself and not every girl can pull it off. When you head to your office everyday, you must surely know what you need to wear and what not to wear. Because you need to have your complete attention on your work you cannot afford to keep checking on your dress every now and then. And that trust me, irritates the hell out of you. Also you can totally wear what you feel like for a house party at your girlfriends place. Don’t keep it too bold on a dinner date as well. Keep it simple and sweet on a family get-together. If you are a person who usually visits NGOs and Orphanages at remote places then definitely keep it sober and suttle  as possible. For all those over- dressed girls, do not be over dressed than the bride too on her wedding. So, based on the places and occasions dress accordingly and knowing what not to wear , when and where is the best key! Happy dressing.


That’s it. Hope you got some good tips girlies. Have a great day ahead.

-Pooja JP.





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