My First Indian Look.

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Hey guys,

In this world today where everyone is obsessed with the torn denims, ripped jeans, shorts, crop tops and what not, I’m here to show you  the ethnicity of Indian outfits. How an Indian attire can never be out of style and adds immensely to the beauty of women. Nothing against the western culture or how we Indians getting overwhelmed by their style. Just that I am awestruck by the beauty of Indian wears.

So, I decided to have a photo-shoot on Indian wear that I already had at home and I totally love it. Its a complete long flowy  and airy kinda dress . The best part is that it has this bluish holographic effect sort of a thing which I don’t think you guys can see it in the pictures below. But that’s exactly the reason why I bought this dress. Its a Blue and Black combination dress which i also liked since I didn’t have this combo in my wardrobe. I paired them with broad strapy black heels. Also I didn’t want too much of accessories because the dress itself played the game. So, I tried to keep it minimal by adding  some studs. Also because ” Less is More”.


That’s it. That was my first look in this beautiful Indian Attire. Have a look .






Please ignore that pimple which always pops up to say  ‘Hi’ on a highly important day.



Let me know if you guys liked my first look book of my Indian Attire in the comments below.

Have a great day and stay beautiful!

-Pooja JP.



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