New Girl In The City-Bangalore.

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This view from my terrace is simply amazing. The lake , honking vehicles, cool breeze at the top, Street lights , the reflections of the city lights in the lake, tall buildings… Damn! This is just so satisfying and peaceful. I sometimes can’t believe I made it till here.

Yes I’m a old school girl who is the closest to her parents than anybody else in this world. The girl who used to cross the road holding her dad’s hand back in the small town is now writing this article looking at this beautiful view on her terrace all the way in Bangalore. It might not be a big deal for you but it is for a girl like me.

Till date never have I ever been out of home alone. I was always accompanied by my parents or my friends. In fact even to go to salon I used to drag my bestie with me, saying that brings a smile on my face now. If you are a girl who travels alone daily then congratulations you are a brave one coz this is not what everyone can do especially girls like me who have never been out or never had a reason to travel.

Right from the childhood I have never traveled not because I was an introvert but because there wasn’t a reason to travel anywhere. Just me, my school, parents, family , and always had been with my grandparents during my vacations. So there was never a clear reason to stay away from my parents.

But the twist came when I graduated as a Civil Engineer.


I always wanted to go out , see the world, know how the world is, how the people are, moreover I wanted to see if I could survive in this world. I wanted to have my own identity. I want to know my capabilities, my purpose of life.

Today it’s been a month since I have come to this amazing city and now for some strange reason I am loving this city, this freedom, this Independence and this phase of life. Of course my dad wasn’t willing to send me here but because he has always given what I asked for, this time too he did it even though that meant staying away from me. He simply used to give reasons the company isn’t good, it’s a start up , not that good, just excuses but I knew what was the real reason and it wasn’t easy for me to leave him and my lovely mom who supported me in my decision with a heavy heart. Now, I miss them more than they miss me.



Bangalore!! There is something about this city that keeps me happy and going. Look at this traffic the people don’t keep honking in fact they wait patiently and they know that they will be moving soon just like the life! There will be ups and downs sometimes life might test your patience too but life moves on and you will reach your destination.

Wish there would be a Google Map to our lives too ! Ah.. wait don’t you think our parents are the Google Maps in the journey of our lives? Yes they do not know things in this technology driven world but certainly there are things that only they will know.

By the way I always find people all the time with earphones.  On the roadside, in the cab, in the paying guest I stay, everywhere. Why???

The Uber and Ola have really made my internship much easier. Sometimes I wonder how technology has increased the pace of our life. A ride on your finger tips. You can never be lost as long you have this machine in your hand. But sometimes we are so busy with this machine or the people living in it that we forget about the person beside. Like always said a coin has two sides. Being a Digital Marketer I am saying this I know, but I think there should always be a balance in life. Make the most out of moments.

I wonder why do people don’t talk to each other in a Uber pool or Ola share?? It’s how beautiful to meet new people and know a little bit of them in every ride. I see every less people trigger a conversation or should I say very less people not busy with their phones.

Talk to people near you and make connections when they are actually around you rather than talking to people who are far away, at least when you are out.

I don’t know where life will take me after this internship. Internship has been quite a experience. New people, new place, new things, new challenges everyday. And yes finding a job is a task. Sometimes I feel depressed and heartbroken for not finding a good job but deep inside I know I will find one for myself today or tomorrow. I don’t know what to call this feeling a self consolidate or just a vague feeling.

I have no idea when I will find a job , no idea where this internship might take me to, nothing at all, still loving this phase of life, admiring the city I am in , waiting to go to different places every weekends.

I don’t know what path to take or what to do but I’m enjoying this journey with a feeling that I will reach my destination today or tomorrow.

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Stay happy , Be you!

-Pooja JP.


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