The art of Focusing on yourself for better Productivity.

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As you guys can see, I haven’t posted anything on my blog since a long time now. My last post was on August 21, and now its exactly a month. I will not say I wasted but yes definitely lost 30 days of productivity. By the end of this post you will know why there has been gap and why I am back with a Bang too.

We all have been hit by this digital world so badly these days, that everything we do, everywhere we go will be known to the world through your stories. Just like every coin has two faces, the digital world too has. We get so engrossed in watching what other people are doing rather than focusing on what exactly you should be doing. And to no surprise I was also fallen into this Trap! This seriously is a TRAP.

We obviously follow people on social media whom we admire, whom we can look up to. This concept of knowing and following people on such platforms was to give us a closer look at their lives.But rather what’s happening is, we are so much into their lives that we forget we have one too, and a lot can be done with it. The people or the Stars whom we are following now on these platforms are stars today but we din’t know them when they were struggling to leave a mark on our lives. It’s okay to follow them into their lives until you are living and enjoying your life too. The problem arises when you start comparing your lives with theirs. If you are one among this trap, then you should keep reading.

The Problem is…

We start comparing their fruitful years with our growing years which are two different phases of life. Its not a crime to feel this because its human and its okay to feel so. Even I did too. I just sat comparing myself with my friends who are out there and partying. I also compared it with the celebrities I follow who are in their 30’s now and I am just in my  working ages now. I mean we are literally comparing two different phases of life. Its our time to struggle for our dreams and not watch others live their dreams. Its time that we take time seriously and work on our goals in life( if you have one).

Take a Moment to think…

When I thought about it, I was actually working on dreams while many others were just finding ways to survive. Not only me, we all do this. Instead of working on our dreams, we use the time admiring other people’s lives so much that we forget to respect time. Also remember you see things only which they wish to show you. And all the platforms are filled with fancy posts, I wish people put up more of the darker side of their lives so that we get inspired too and know that you are not the only ones.

Stop criticizing yourself and Start Believing in yourself.

If you are in your 20’s,I am sure you can relate to me on this note. It so happens that you end up pitying yourself, cursing yourself, losing your self-confidence, demotivating yourself and what not. Just because someone else is having a good time? Just because someone else got a Job that you wanted? Just because someone else is travelling to your favorite destination? STOP!! Why? Why are you even comparing your life with theirs? Firstly, stop worrying on what the world is doing. Instead go ahead add some value to your life it may be even just by putting a smile on someone’s face, start with home, try keeping your parents happy. That’s how you start, these Baby steps will add up for the big steps coming ahead.


No matter what the world is doing, have faith in yourself. Do not loose hope. So what if you are not having a good time? Time changes dear, and so will your bad times. Hold on to it a little bit longer. So what if you din’t get the job? May be something better is on your way because your efforts will pay off one day or the other. So make sure you give your 100% everyday. Start with doing small things for yourself and  your loved ones everyday until it becomes a routine. So what if someone else is going to your favorite destination? You might go to a better place than that in the years to come as long as you are working on your dreams. These all people whom we follow also have literally struggled to be what they are today. So there is no point in comparing yourself with what they are today. If you want to leave a mark of yourself on the world then stop admiring on other people’s life and start focusing on your life. Trust me there is a lot you can do for yourself and you know it but not acting on it. Its not that hard dear, just keep the other things that are not going to matter to you in 5 years from now and take that first step.

Its not that difficult you think it is. Do it and you will see how easy it was. Like, see I’m writing this post which I should have almost a month before. Stop Procrastinating and Just DO It.  Get it now? You just need to stay positive in every situation and you will see the difference. Stay Positive will surely take you a long way. Take those small baby steps everyday and you will notice the change in your Productivity.

So keep dreaming and keep Hustling.

-Pooja JP.




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