5 Styling Tips For Plus size Girls

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Howdy girls,

On the cover page of fashion magazines are always the actresses with perfect body and skin. Obviously, not every girl is blessed with a sexy figure but yes they are gifted with buttocks and belly fat. If you are one among them , you don’t have to feel bad or awkward about it neither you need to change yourself for the world we dwell in. You are a princess and let the world adjust! And so it is, finally Plus-size fashion is gaining all the fame and attention it deserves. Its the world of Kardashians now! Embracing your curves is the new sexy. 

With few proper dressing style tips you too can be a fashionista in your own way just by embracing those flaws? No, curves aren’t Flaws anymore! So let me help you to get more fashionable and sexier.

 1.Wear Prints.

 Try to wear different patterns and prints. They actually take away attention from your flaws. So if you are broader on your shoulders , wear a printed top and plain bottoms. That’s how it works.


 2.Embrace your Curves.

Do not go for over-sized or loose dresses. By doing so you will actually end up looking awful. Instead you should go for dresses that hugs your body. Go for dresses that define your curves. You only have one body dear, why keep hiding it all through your life? Instead flaunt it like a boss!


3.Tuck it or Knot it. 


 By simply tucking in your shirt or a simple knot to your shirt can actually do wonders. This helps to hide away your torso and the attention is grabbed on the tuck or the knot.


 4.Flaunt your Waist. 


  Why hide when you can Flaunt. Just by a adding a belt to your outfit, it  makes you looks slimmer. Try to contrast it with your belts.

5.Balance your outfits. 


If you wanna flaunt your curves then go for a off shoulder top or ruffles and pair it up with dark bottoms or a pencil skirt. And if you do not want to flaunt your curves, you can still steal the show by wearing crop tops on dark denims or wear a full length cardigan on asymmetrical dress.


That’s it and you guys are all set to steal the show. Let me know if these tips helped you in the comments below.


Not Everyone loves only Barbies, teddy bears are every girls favorite too. So keep flaunting your curves. Stay Flawsome, Stay happy 🙂


-Pooja JP.



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