Thank Your Real Life Heroes This Thanksgiving

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In such a digitally driven world we are in now, where everyone is so busy pursuing their dreams we tend to miss on small joys of our lives. Today, we have everything at our doorsteps including the food, dresses, medicines, and whatnot by just a few clicks on our smartphones. Wannathankyou now brings gratitude to your fingertips. A whole new way of thanking people in just a few clicks.

We all are so busy cribbing about our problems that we miss out to look at the good things we have. We forget to look at the brighter side of our lives. For each one us, our own problems are the bigger ones.

Do you have any idea how blessed you are? The breath you just took is a blessing. You are able to read this normally and that is a blessing. You being alive today, fit and fine, physically and mentally is also a blessing. Take a walk in the cancer ward, talk to them and you will know what a day means.

Take a moment to thank for everything God has given. Thanking God is not just by prayer, but you can thank him for helping others. Be thankful for others. If you could be of some help to someone, be it.

The world isn’t bad, it’s only the perseverance of the people. The way you see the world is the way the world will treat you. So for a change, be nice and see how the world becomes nicer to you.

It’s very rarely you get to see people helping each other on a daily basis. But as likely said, there is always the brighter side. There are such pure souls who help people every time they can, it only takes the real souls to see it.

You might be one among them or have witnessed such people help you. There are such real heroes out there who we should be thankful for and there should be some way to thank the real heroes in our day-to-day lives.

Do you know what Thanksgiving is? If you are a fan of American series friends or how I met your mother, you will probably know it. Thanksgiving is basically a harvest festival which was celebrated at the arrival of the first pilgrims to America.

Every 4th Thursday of  November is celebrated as Thanksgiving day in the United States.

It is celebrated with great food and wine. Turkey is probably the main dish served along with side dishes like mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. 

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Thanksgiving dinner is prepared out of all the native foods and it is the largest eating festival in the United States. Every year the president of USA pardons one out of two Turkeys and it is considered as the National Thanksgiving bird.

Back then getting a good harvest was the definition of happiness. Now, times have changed. Today, happiness is getting 1000 likes on your Instagram pictures. Indeed the definition of happiness differs from person to person, time to time.

In India apart from the Independence day, Thanksgiving day is also celebrated on 15th of August. This day is celebrated with utmost pride as a mark of freedom. It should also be celebrated with a lot more of gratitude. Gratitude not only to our freedom fighters but also to god for giving them all the strength and ability.

Marcel Proust rightly says ” Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

People who practice Gratitude in their day to day life are more likely to be enthusiastic and stressfree than the people who do not. Try it yourself to check if its true. At the end of every day try to recall all the good things happened to you and thank people even if they were of some help to you.

By doing so you will not only stay happy but also you will learn the art of positivity. You will learn to look at the brighter side of our lives and how to remain positive in all sorts of life.

Don’t do it for somebody else, do it for yourself.

Thank you and a smile! See that’s how simple it is. Try and use this word as much as possible. Practise gratitude and see how life will unfold for you. Not just practise, in fact, make gratitude a part of your lifestyle.

After all, we have only one life and why not make the best use of it by spreading some happiness and gratitude around? Why not make this place a happy one to dwell in?

-Pooja JP.


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