The Leibster Award 2017!

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Hello guys!

I’m super duper excited to share a good news with you guys. Yes, as the title says…… I have been nominated for the   ” Leibster Award”. It feels great when your work is being appreciated especially when you recently started off. This motivated me to keep up the work and keep posting as regularly as possible.

Huge gratitude to Rubab Bangash  for nominating me for this award and considering me as one of those deserved ones.


Leibster Award is an award that exists only on internet. Its an online award that is given by bloggers to other bloggers. This helps in motivating the bloggers to keep up the good work as blogging is not that easy as you guys think.

So the blogger who nominated me has asked me a few questions and I will be answering them right now!

And then i will be nominating few other bloggers whom I found worth the award.


Q: Describe yourself.

A: Well, I am quite a  moody person. I might be the craziest girl ever also be a very boring and calm person. I don’t open up quite easily but when I do you will see all shades of me. I am also a very passionate , ambitious and career oriented girl. I love to try out new things and explore the world.

Q: How you start writing blogs?

A:  Google suggest is something I use and then I decide the topic. Research about the topic and then try to write a       better one than the existing ones. Also I write posts that every girl can relate to and such posts come write from the heart.


Q: What you want to do in your life?

A:  Firstly, I wanna have an identity of my own. I want to do something in Life and contribute for the world I have been put into. I want to pave my own path and leave footprints forever.


Q: Give few advice to new bloggers.

A:  Well, you need to have that passion about your niche so that you never run out of topics. Keep up the consistency and stay focused. In this field I know you can get easily demotivated but hold on to your horses and push yourself a little bit, everyday. Self-Motivation is the key.


Q: What is your favorite song?

A:  There are bunch of old bollywood songs and few English ones too.  But current favorite is Fetish by Selena Gomez.


Q:  What is your favorite dish?

A:  All dishes made by my mom are my favorite!


Q: What you like to wear?

A:  I love to wear Indian, because that suits me quite well.


Q: What is your Favorite color?

A: Black and pink sometimes.


Q: How does it feel to be nominated?

A: Overwhelmed and happy for this nomination.


And now is the time for me to nominate other bloggers.


And the nominees are……


1. Anshu Tiwari


2.  Tina Carmen 


3. Stella Doulio


4. Sarah Mailer 


5. Sara Lopez 


6.  Saidy Flores


7. Nandini Datta


8. Nimisha Arora 


9. Raima Mondal


10.  Vidal Thaver 


Congratulations guys!!!! Keep it up.

And now its time for some Q&A session. All you need to do is Mention the blogger who nominated you in your blog and answer the questions below. I would love to know your answers.


1. Why did you start Blogging?


2.What is your Goal in Life?


3. What was the last thing you did something for the first time?


4. What does Happiness mean to you?


5. What do you have to say about the future of Blogging?


6. What as a Blogger has within you?


7. What is the best you’ve learned about Life so far?


8. How has your Blogging journey been ?


9. Are you Proud of yourself?


10. What are your Top 3 Blogging Tips?



Now you guys need to give credits for the blogger who nominated you on your blog, answer the above questions and  nominate other 10 deserving bloggers and and give them a bunch of your questions to answer.

Get started guys!!

Looking forward for all your answers and a hearty Congratulations to all the nominees!

Stay Happy Always.

-Pooja JP.

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