Top 10 things every girl MUST know about personal hygiene!

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Hey Lovelies!

Hope you cute little girls out there are doing good today. So lets talk about something on a personal basis. Here are a few tips that every girl should know. I am not an expert or anything but just on my personal experience i am giving to some tips that will surely help you out.


When you smell good, you feel good. Whether you have body odor or not, always use deodorants for your armpits, under your neck, a bit on your wrists, behind your ear , etc. Be  careful when you choose your deodorant . See that its not too strong or does not irritate your skin when you put it on. Keep it very refreshing and very gentle and calm. Now when I say wear deodorants , I don’t mean that you spray out a whole bottle, let it be little, simple and clean. I suggest you girls to go for a very soothing kind of fragrances that makes you feel good about yourself.


Make it habit to carry a sanitizer with you wherever you go. You will be visiting so many public places, hand-shaking with many people, touching too many things all day. So you make sure you use a sanitizer before and after you eat something. Also if you in case have to use your fingers for makeup, sanitize it before! (Using your fingers for makeup is actually not hygienic , avoid that as much as you can). Now I suggest you to go for Alcohol-based fragrance free Sanitizers. This is because alcohol is a drying agent and kills all the bacteria and viruses .


If you are a make up person, then please make sure your brushes are clean enough. You do not want any bacteria on your face since these brushes are used on your face (obvio!) and you ending up getting blemishes, acne, redness and all that stuff. So clean your brushes on a regular basis! And if you are not a make-up person, Congratulations! you are in the safe zone. Girls also see that you do not touch your face a lot with your hands,  that’s exactly how you are prone to acne. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE frequently.


If you have a bad breath, don’t panic! That’s normal. Of course what every dentist says.. brush your twice a day! Yes, you must do that. Also make you use a good dental floss to get rid of those tiny stubborn particles left in between your teeth.Take your own time while your brush and floss your teeth, don’t be in a hurry. Use a good mouthwash for a good breathe . Trust me that makes you feel really fresh.


When you step out of your home, always have a pack of tissues or wet wipes with  you. You might need it at any point of your day. In case you are having a bad day and there is no water in public washrooms, No worries you have your tissues! Also if you are a bit sweaty person or its summer time, you will need to use these wet wipes to keep your make-up in tact. So a Big Thumps-up for tissues and wipes!


So this is one ridiculous thing that girls do not follow when it comes to public washrooms or restrooms. Please do not dispose your sanitary napkins in an unhygienic manner. Remember, always wrap your sanitary pads into a paper and then again with the toilet paper that is available. Make sure you wrap it clean and nice and then put it into the dustbins. Because sometimes the paper just unwinds by itself and it just disgusts the person who is using a washroom. It will also help to keep the washrooms clean. And also it looks hygienic and pleasant to the eyes and also to the cleaners. Next time you see any girl doing it wrongly, do correct her girls! Lets keep it hygienic.


This might sound funny or awkward for you guys, but this is how it has to be especially in the public washrooms.Be it western or Indian, always squat while you use a washroom.  Now why I am telling you this is because the area where you sit will have a lot of bacteria and viruses since many people use it. So you don’t want end up getting Urinary Track infections (UTI) and all the problems. Also make sure you do not touch any tap . Yes, DO NOT TOUCH TAPS. You don’t know how many people use it and its so unhygienic, go for tissue always! That’s how you actually get rid of bacteria and the itchiness down there. So, yes that’s it. Happy Washrooms!


A lot of girls use the normal Soap and water down there too. I do not say that it is completely wrong , but its okay as long as it is a mild soap. The best thing that I would recommend is, go for Vaginal washes ( I guess that’s what they are called, if I am not wrong). They are many products out there like the V-wash plus, Clean and dry and so on. Now you don’t have to frequently wash it or scrub it just because its smelling.Look, your vagina should smell like a vagina, not any rose or a scent. So if you are washing too much to get rid of the smell , please stop that girl. Just a wash in a day is enough, specially when you are out all day working in your tight jeans and you feel so clumsy and unhygienic. That will surely make you relieve all your stress.So keep it clean and gentle down there.


Always, always wear loose clothes while your are sleeping. I know many of you will be so tired by the end of the day , that you just throw yourself to bed. But, let me tell you guys, DO NOT SLEEP IN JEANS no matter how tired you are. See that when you are at home finally, change yourself into some loose comfy clothes that allow the air to pass through them and again if you are a make-up person , remove your makeup , have your night skin care routine (if you do not have one, start today!) and then go to sleep. It is even better if you sleep without your lingerie, let your body breathe through the night.


There are many ways to remove your unwanted hair- waxing, shaving, using creams. Many of them go for waxing, but I suggest to go for shaving . I kinda have a feeling that waxing might loosen your skin, i might be wrong its just my perception. Shaving is safe as long you do it carefully. For the intimate areas, you can go for bikini wax and of course shave down there too. I don’t usually  prefer creams , because i have a sort of a feeling that they darken your skin. If you guys prefer shaving make sure you use a shaving gel or a foam while you shave. Do not forget to moisturize your skin after you shave. That’s really important guys. And yes, make sure you change your blades frequently and do it with utmost care. See that you do not cut yourself. Again, don’t forget to moisturize your skin after shaving.

So, yes that’s it my girlies!

Hope that was helpful to you. Most Importantly learn to love yourself gals. This is something way above than anything. You mean the world to someone, to your parents, SHINE FOR THEM!

Any comments or queries, let me know in the comment section below and I will get back to you girls.

Thank you ,

Keep smiling 🙂

You are worth it!

–  Pooja JP.

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